First appointment at the wine bar

by Friday, February 27, 2015

AND’ Friday evening and, after work, do you have a date with that girl that you met at lunch the other day. You see in a wine bar, towards the 19.30. One or two glasses of wine can help break the ice or, at least, to loosen the tension. If you choose the wrong place and the wrong wine, the result will be tornarvene at home alone to watch for the umpteenth time all last season of Ally Macbeal or Star Treck. Here are some simple rules given by women for you boys:

  • If you have so, check the wine/wine bar in advance. If it inspires you, you are on time to change location.
  • Before ordering, find out more about the tastes of your guests. Red or white? Fresh or full bodied? This will help you understand his tastes, to make the right choice and, last but not least, prove that you are careful and altruistic types. Not bad.
  • Always look at her without being distracted and be interested: make her feel as if it were the whole bottle you want your cellar… And that you do not see the hour of drinking… 😉
  • Be careful to your glass, must not be empty.
  • If you are undecided about wine, Remember that the bubbles are fine with everything, for everyone and for all occasions. You're just careful not to drop on the mundane (and if you don't know, take advice from the sommelier, It's there on purpose).
  • If the evening goes well, After an hour of aperitif you can propose to continue with dinner. Continue to drink on an empty stomach is not good.
  • You've enjoyed or less, always offer to accompany her at least at least to his car. The girls like to have a Knight who worry for their safety.


At this point I just have to wish you… Good evening! Fatemi sapere come è andata 😉






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