Lessons of Champagne with social eating Veuve Clicquot

by Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dine in a private house. Of complete strangers. A fad that comes from the United States and Milan already has a place must have:Ma'Hidden Kitchen Supper Club, the coolest table of Milanese capital. AND’ here that Veuve Clicquot, La Maison de Champagne bolder and innovative, decided to organize a new event loop, a path to the discovery of the art of hospitality: TASTE OF CLICQUOT.

A journey through the unmistakable style of the famous yellow label to reveal the secrets of the Maison and know the true ritual of Champagne service, exploring the basic rules of Clicquot Style (Since the opening of the bottle to the choice of suitable glass, from Champagne to the service coupling ideal to ... ).

Your DD was invited to try out a preview of this experience and here you can see photos of the evening. A really nice dinner, sitting at the large table that stands in the cozy and magical loft, where the air is intoxicating, and each object is loaded with history, but above all the hospitality is refined and friendly, Thanks to the exquisiteness of hosts Lele and Melissa.

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An experience that I recommend to try to discover the’art de vivre à la française.

The calendar of dinners Taste of Clicquot is as follows:

– 7 March

– 8 April

– 7 May

– 4 June

– 2 July

– 17 September

To participate in one of the dinners Taste of Clicquot you should populate the binding request available at the following link: http://mahksc.us6.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=436d54af2dd7104b1c678237a&id=bf495185c4 at least 24 hours before attending the event. You will then be given all information (availability, costs, menu, address location).

During the evening, We have also given the “Rules and suggestions for organizing a dinner party at home in perfect Clicquot Style”. Are things that, you friends of GG, you already know well, as they are also the subject of my wine tutorial on Rai2, within the program said and done (see all wine tutorial aired, by clicking here). See .vcstyle files tips:

  • Do accomodate guests in the living room and let him enjoy the style of offering them the first cup of Yellow Label. A tip for the glasses? Choose of glass goblets by mouth wide that enhance Champagne aromas all.
  1. Bring to the table the Champagne at service temperature of approximately 8 ° C (cool but not freezing) in order to try to 9-10 ° C. After pouring the first glass of Champagne put the bottle in ice bucket. Better if Clicquot style.
  2. Make sure your guests based on glass of Veuve Clicquot from the foot or from the stem, not the corolla. Played with yellow ribbons to tie to the stem of the Goblet. Create movement and colour in addition.
  3. Before drinking breathe in the aromas of Veuve Clicquot. The classic cheers you opt for a toast whispered that smiles and looks without the clinking of glasses.
  4. To be truly of Veuve Clicquot style experts continue to open the bottle without doing "a bang". Take the Yellow Label with delicacy, remove the metal cap covers, hold the bottle from the bottom and let it run while holding the Cork firmly with the other hand.
  5. Champagne for the entire dinner, choosing between various Veuve Clicquot Cuvée. Impress the palates of the guests creating perfect combinations beginning with younger wines and the most delicate foods.
  6. To refresh your bottle of Champagne, We recommend that you put it to 20 minutes in a bucket half-filled with water and ice cubes.
  7. The cup half full. You should not completely fill. First a small amount by tilting the glass, stage where bubbles are formed. Let the foam subside and then resume to pay up to 2/3 the flûte.
  8. How many glasses you can serve with a bottle? Veuve Clicquot suggests 7 glasses with a bottle from 75 cl.
  9. The glasses you need the Champagne you must wash without SOAP, using only hot water. Because the glass is rough, more bubbles produces! Many glasses, in this regard,, are precisely “scratched”, diamond blades on the bottom, in order to accentuate this feature.

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