The wines “Naturals” fall in Rome

by Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rome, February 2015 – To define a certain type of wine, Last week I used five adjectives. Today, returning from Piacenza of Edition SorgentedelVino Live and before you visit Live Wine in Milan, in a statement they find even ten that I love list: natural, true, sincere, organic, biodynamic, passionate, authentic, simple, rich, Human.

Since it is not my flour sack, I say that with these words occur Natural Critical Wine, that the next 28 February back to City of other economy of Rome: a journey into the world of wine “natural” and the pleasure of rediscovering ancient traditions, forgotten flavours, over the course of two days dedicated to free tastings, guided tasting, conferences and purchasing.

Natural Critical Wine 2015

The event aims to promote a critical and conscious approach to wine, founded on the affirmation of the right to individuality of taste and healthiness of the product, making the most of a short food chain productions, based on sustainable and artisanal techniques.
Emilio Falchion – one of the promoters of the initiative – citing Pier Paolo Pasolini in fact declares: "The civilization of a people is measured by the survival of an environment where living fireflies and butterflies. We want to restore fireflies and butterflies in the countryside and the peasants and their wines in the cities».

Will be so more than 50 winemakers that will bring in the capital the wealth of diversity, presenting to the public the products coming from several Italian regions: passion fruit, an organic or biodynamic agriculture, of yeasts and spontaneous fermentation.

Info summary

Date: Saturday 28 February and Monday March 1 2015.
Place: City of other economy of Rome, Largo Dino Frisullo (ex mattatoio Testaccio).
Business Hours: Saturday from 15 at 21, Sunday from 12 at 19.
Entrance: € 10,00.
How to get there: information here.
Facebook Page:


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