Painted recipes: the preview shows the food in art

by Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is the keeper of the garden, a macho kind of’ of panzuto 8 tons, one of the 3 statues in the world tribute to Arcimboldo. There is the first part of the history of art depicting a Florentine steak. And there is also the recipe of the painted cassoeûla.

Food for us&wine is definitely a show not to be missed what to Palazzo Martinengo in Brescia will open its doors Saturday 24 January and today I had the opportunity to visit a preview with a guided tour by curator David Daw.

This amazing view, closely linked to the theme of Expo 2015 "Nourishing the planet, Energy for life ", is the most important exhibition dedicated to food in art ever organized in Italy so far. For the first time in Palazzo Martinengo will host a prestigious selection of over 100 highest quality paintings, covering a span of over four centuries, to offer the public a unique opportunity to make a unique and exciting journey discovering the representation of food and foodstuffs in various historical periods.

The careful selection of works, made by curator David Daw assisted by an International Scientific Committee, It will demonstrate how the latest specialist research confirmed, namely the existence of a strong link between secular, food and the arts, among the extraordinary gastronomic tradition and Italian artistic culture, hallmarks of our national identity.

Room after room, visitors will discover how painters active between the 17TH and 19th century loved to paint the food and typical dishes of their native lands, and meet in certain dishes and foods works completely disappeared that today it is difficult to imagine the flavor. In addition, Thanks to the collaboration with some of the most renowned food science departments of universities in Italy, that analyze scientific way the tables and handouts immortalized in the paintings of the ' 600 and ' 700, the viewer will have valuable information on nutrition and the tastes of the time.

Exposure, that will take place according to a suggestive iconographic and chronological, will be divided into ten thematic sections devoted respectively to:

The Allegory of the five senses

Kitchens and pantries markets

The fruit

The vegetables

Fish and shellfish

Furred and feathered

Meat sausages and cheeses

Sweet wine and spirits


The food in the art of the 20th century

In Palazzo Martinengo masterpieces of ancient art of fields, Recco, Baschenis, Brueghel, Guercino, Salini, Todeschini and others, engaging in dialogue with those of modern and contemporary art Magritte, De Chirico, Manzoni and Fontana, Lichtenstein and LaChapelle until Andy Warhol, just to mention the most famous names. At the conclusion of the exhibition, which last surprise of the exhibition, the visitor will be amazed by the vision of the "food pyramid", an amazing installation that was commissioned for the occasion to a well known contemporary Italian artist.

A fascinating story through four centuries of art history to explore the different pictorial successive currents over time – from baroque to Rococo, from 19th-century romanticism to the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century – and appreciate, ever as before, the different iconography related to the representation of food that artists have faced the highest degree expressing creativity and originality.



















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