Return to diet. Bodykey, Let's try again!

by Monday, January 19, 2015
Dear friends of GG, What happened to my diet bodykey by Nutrilite?! I suspended, in December I realised that marcavo not well and was useless. So now I'm back on track and balance the other day gave me a great satisfaction… Marked 62,7 kg, that compared with nearly 65 pre Christmas isn't kg pretty good!
Prepared products bodykey tomato soup is one of my favorite. Here are three recipes that I invented (non è che ho brillato di fantasia eh 😉 ), simple, fast, tasty.
Prepare the soup bodykey as instructed under some’ back with the water to make it more dense. Puree the soup with an immersion Blender until a smooth cream, Let it cool in the microwave, formed a quenelle of Philadelphia Light or Balance that you may have previously amalgamated with Basil Smoothie. Decorated with some basil leaves.TOMATO SOUP WITH SEAFOOD

Prepare the soup bodykey. Apart from open 7 mussels and a dozen clams cooked in a pan with a little olive oil ages and a clove of garlic. In another pan SautĂŠ two scallops cut into cubes and some shrimp tail. Combine all your soup. Serve hot or cold as desired.



Prepare the soup bodykey, then add the juice of half an orange, mix and heat the mixture. Apart from, slice half a Leek finely and FRY in a little peanut oil. Dry, serve the soup, and then place the fried Leek on the surface. Servite.



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