Ciak you drink! The cocktail of Hollywood stars

by Monday, January 19, 2015

Your DAYS like a little glamour from healthy life you know well ... and among the many new books that I note in your Favorites list I found a publication by October 2014: Celebrity Cocktails by Brian van Flandern, Assouline. Haven't we talked about? Remedy

In this volume, the third after Vintage Cocktails and Draft Cocktails, the author leads us to discover the tastes of the stars from Hollywood of yesterday and today.

By icons such as Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor to beautiful and impossible on the big screen like Marlon Brando and Clark Gable to Robert De Niro.

Princess-Cocktail-CELEBRITY-COCKTAIL-insiderecipes-6-782x1024A review of curiosities recipes and ingredients to feel like Katherine Hepburn always sipped Scotch&Soda or as Grace Kelly, the day of her wedding she prepare an Whiskey-based cocktails with bourbon pomegranate grenadine and cream, served with a rain of cloves in real Princess style.

The favorite beverage from Clark Gable was the Gin and tonic while Orson Welles loved the traditional Negroni.

Many celebrities estimatrici of good drinks, between these Ernest Hemingway, that alcohol did alas his trademark, He valued the Daiquiris but due to diabetes a Cuban bartender created for him a recipe without sugar: l’Hemingway Diquiri.


Frank Sinatra had a sommelier and taste poured spirits only chilled glasses to get that explosive contrast that transforms any toast in a real triumph of the senses.

Film and tv have always influenced the imagination of the public, Nick and Nora is a cocktail created in honor of the famous pair William Powell- Myrna Loy in The Shadow of man 1934.

nickandnora_l'uomo ombra

If you are talking about New York City all we imagine to chat with Carrie Bradshaw sipping a Cosmopolitan, cocktail Sara Jessica Parker has turned into a cult drink. More typical of the Big Apple cocktail is The Lower Manhattan, preferred by American star James Cagney, actor and dancer who began his adventure in the cinema just as bartender.


Robert De Niro goes crazy for Dirty Martini, extra strong cocktails, shaken to perfection, served with vodka and, invariably, three olives. The Tequila also like to bellone degli anni ' 80 and ' 90 Kurt Russel, that is not even depriving during filming.


We do not know if Leonardo di Caprio drink Mint juleps at the Plaza Hotel as j. Gatsby, but maybe it's better not to reveal too much otherwise all the myths of cinema will lose their allure magical and then poof! farewell to the James Bond fantasies of round ordering a Martini ' shaken, not stirred '...



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