Sit in a shoe, wear a cup. The latest from the design inspired by the wine and food

by Tuesday, January 13, 2015

In the real world often acknowledge me for my high heels, What's better then heels that are inspired by the wine world&food? No, do not fear not see me wearing such shoes, also because it is not about shoes but rather of chairs.

The misconception is around the corner and at first sight it is difficult to understand the function of these design works: shoes, sessions , glasses?

The design concept is called High Heel Seat and Haris Jusovic, graphic designer who describes his collection: "When a product becomes a sculpture is a combination between the fantasy and the reality that surrounds us (…) I wanted to create something that showed the break between the limits of imagination and creative perspective changed towards a more humorous and charming ".

The concept is clear: the company and consumer objects blend with each other. The teapot, the TSP, Food and everything around us become another object: the Chair also, that in turn invokes the iconic stiletto.

Philosophy apart, I like the idea of sitting in a teapot or teaspoon makes me feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, While the spaghetti or chocolate Chair stimulate my appetite. And what about the Crystal slipper shaped glass? Worthy of a Cinderella… Geisha Gourmet version of course!

Will be comfortable? Who can say, certainly I am very funny.


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