Snow street food at Audi Chef's Cup 2015

by Thursday, January 8, 2015

A street food out of the ordinary, on the ski slopes, done on a snowcat. AND’ This is one of the most attractive proposals in the new edition of Audi Chef's Cup 2015, one of the most anticipated of the year gourmand, to be held from 18 al 23 January in Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomites. For a week, tastings, show cooking, cooking classes with star Chefs, dinners in shelters, exciting Ski competitions and sparkling apéritifs outdoors.

Veuve Clicquot adds to this meeting its characteristic "Zeste de Folie”… In fact, the undisputed star of the Audi Chef's Cup 2015 will be Clicquot Snowcat, a typical snowcat personalized with the colours of the Maison, with the unique feature of having the cab well-equipped for cooking up to -30° C!

The innovative snowcat was designed by Andrea Campi, Chef of Osteria al Off of Aprica (I KNOW), for skiers and mountain lovers local products, expertly prepared with refined combinations but tied to tradition, in a new environment.

Clicquot Snowcat_1

With 7 meters in length and 4 Tall, a total of 11 tons, a cabin of 7 cubic meters where was installed a kitchen tailor-made Prism, This special prototype model Prinoth snowcat Leitner LH500 is the only means capable of bring the natural and genuine flavours at high altitude, preparing and presenting them as a real "street food". Andrea Fields described its ambitious project "Snood Kitchen", precisely because it is uniquely the League worlds of snow (Snow) and culinary arts (Food). Clicquot Snowcat It will be the centerpiece of the après ski of culinary week, allowing participants of Audi Chef's Cup taste, in a colourful open-air lounge, Veuve Clicquot à la flûte with delicious finger food and mountain dishes created by Andrea Campi.

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    January 9, 2015

    Spectacular, It was what we wanted.
    I hope that people will listen to what ANDREA has created.
    Unique in the world
    After creating… I can't wait to taste his PERFOMANCE in the kitchen, and I assure you that it is worth.
    If you like what you … around the tracks …. imagine what you can offer in its “OSTERIA”

    by LARRY

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