Milan | Ceresio 7

by Monday, December 22, 2014

It is not a place that I would recommend for a romantic dinner, unless you truly believe that your girlfriend or prospective that is not cooked you STRAT-. The location is very nice and classy, definitely good food, then why should discard Ceresio 7 for a tete a tete? For waiters, all aspiring models , harnessed in t-shirt shirts with their sleeves rolled up above the elbow to make a fine show of biceps coached not only with the service at the tables. For the worldly and fashionistas frequent, Nice and beautiful part of new Milan to drink(for those who don't know, This is the place of Dsquared twins, It is located on the top floor of the former Palace of Enel where the fashion house is based).

That being said, Let's go. Perché l'esperienza è da fare e sarete soddisfatti.

I have tasted:

Salmon and foie gras, figs, Caramelized Onion

Cod, potatoes and parsley GDP GDP

Ventresca di tonno, ravioli and pumpkin cream

Anglerfish, leeks and beans toscanelli

Mont Blanc, chestnuts, forest berries and hazelnuts










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