In Milan comes the Wine Gallery Experience

by Friday, December 19, 2014

Inaugurated in Milan the Wine Gallery Experience. Event space housed in the prestigious Hotel Seven Stars in piazza Duomo designed to accommodate during Expo 2015 courses, tastings and exclusive events dedicated to the world of wine.
"So far, explained Alexander Gallery Red, President of A. Red Group – lacked a fundamental sector of the Made in Italy like wine. Today we have filled a void ".
The Wine Gallery, that will be managed by the company Marco Polo Experience in partnership with Wineverse, find the Wine space Temple, a wine cellar with over 1000 large wine labels and emerging producers, all available online at

Wines can be tasted during the events and will be available for purchase online at Wineverse, to be picked up directly at the Wine Temple or conveniently delivered home by 48 hours.

Since the end of January so life will a timetable for evenings that will see the active presence of producers. Events and tastings that can be reserved to specific audiences, as printing or buyer, or open to the public, in particular visitors expected at Expo.
The kitchen brigade of the Gallery will prepare dishes and wine pairings to enhance, through specific tasting locations.


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