Christmas gifts would you eat with your eyes

by Thursday, December 18, 2014

This is not food or cake design design that much rage in tv and cooking magazines, Here we talk about design that takes inspiration from food. All furniture items to try those that I propose today, to furnish with impeccable taste a true food addicted.

Better not to grab now since I'm furnishing and not fluffy muffin, tables for those who know how to cook just a fried egg, carrot-shaped pedestals, armchairs and chaise longue banana ice cream, stools that look like macaroons, sofas as chocolate bars, chandeliers of gummy bears, mortadella carpets and many others ... the passion for food has infected even the design!

The look of a dish is critical, the most famous master chef have made it a true art: originality and personal style to impact food should not only be good but also delicious from Marvel. And if you eat should be a pleasure for your eyes why not start by furniture that surrounds us?

The preferred object from your GG? The cushions of the series Wine Bottle Garden Sofa Pillow Obviously: Rossi, bianchi, corks and grapes…

Here other nifty projects created by Italian and international designers:

Link: Diego Maria Gugliermetto, Li-Ving, Matteo Bianchi, Wamhouse, Jellio, Nika Zupanc, Voltolina, Straight Line Designs, Wurstteppich, Alex Garnett, Maxime Pécourt, Yeong Wookim.


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