Low cost Christmas menu with lastminute expiring products

by Wednesday, December 17, 2014

LastMinuteSottoCasa.it (CALAC) born from a simple, How enlightening insight related to the food waste for small businesses, the phenomenon typically undervalued as not monitored but that, having regard to the large number of small food shops (about 340.000 throughout Italy), represents a fenorless important overall.

It is a portal that offers a new formula of live-proximity marketing allowing businesses with surplus food products, expiring soon, inform with immediacy and simplicity the citizens in the vicinity of their shop the opportunity to buy food at discount prices. Customers indicate, During registration, on their smartphones, how far away from home (and/or Office and/or holiday house) want to receive the proposals, in real time and from what types of shop, getting so only the offers under-home and the product categories you really want.

The idea to bring together traders who at the end of the day find themselves with unsold product and customers always looking for the last minute offer, is Francis Hardy with Massimo Ivul have created the portal within the business incubator of the Politecnico di Torino.

"The project is a neighborhood of the city of Torino – supports Francis Hardy –" with the idea that you could retrieve unsold bread at the end of the day, then they added other neighborhoods of the city and other types of commercial activities as fishmongers, Gastronomie, market stalls all with the common problem of the fresh product that at the end of the day, If not sold, must be thrown. Today at eight months from the official launch of the project we have little more than 12.000 registered users and we're coming in major Italian cities. The idea is to create a network that will grow throughout the national territory”.

The deals that traders with inventories entering the site are delivered to customers who have indicated that geographical area as their interest, and this means that shortly after the launch of the last on the site clients should be prepared to shop. "Innovation lies in the type of use that is made of the technology – adds Massimo Ivul – that allows one side to get back into the consumer store, more and more accustomed to buying online, and on the other side also allows a digital evolution of the small neighbourhood stores that otherwise would be crushed by the force of web promotion of great organised distribution ".

A great way to save you from the Christmas menu, cannot find?


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