ISAAQ. the Apple after Newton

by Sunday, December 14, 2014

Enjoyed at interpoma, Fiera Bolzano in November. Juicy, sweet, crunchy. They say ideal to be carried in your Pocket. I sure I can tell you that Apple is one of the best I've ever eaten. YUMMY!
Trust one who has double linked sources flush to the Valle di Non, the eden of apple orchards in Trentino.

An Apple, ISAAQ ®, search result of CIV, joins as a mathematical formula to know how KIKU's development, and honoring Isaac Newton giving Apple a new theorem: CIV KIKU = ISAAQ ®.

ISAAQ ® has a form inviting, totally colorful and lively intense red, with very good retention characteristics. Last but not least, scab resistant varieties is a. ISAAQ ® is the trademark on CIV varieties 323, already registered in various countries.

Because this partnership with Braun brothers of KIKU Srl? KIKU moved for some time and has secured the opportunity to evaluate and launch ISAAQ ® in the world. For the CIV is a good opportunity: the Braun brothers are known throughout the world for having introduced a KIKU ® premium global brand concept. But not only, also for the agreement introduction professionally and globally of new clones and varieties. Well, the know-how of the firm KIKU in evaluating and in launching new varieties, worldwide, prompted us to give them confidence to ISAAQ ®. We have a young team, dynamic, specialized.

Jürgen Braun, CEO of KIKU srl, replica: "The CIV is one of the world leader in breeding of melo, especially resistant varieties. For us it is an honour to attach our name to a distinguished name in the industry as the CIV. C If time is a collaboration with individual members Save, Mazzoni and Tagliani in the propagation of Fuji KIKU ® Fubrax. And for some time we have been given access to different breeding news. Now it comes to continue the excellent work agreement initiated by CIV, evaluate the test plants of ISAAQ ® already planted worldwide, and formulate an appropriate strategy for the global launch. If the common goal is to maximize product value, throughout the supply chain, starting from the manufacturer”.




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