LaVis. Where do we stand? Urge liquidity

by Friday, December 12, 2014

Sometimes it happens that someone ask me about the situation of gods LAVIS. I have been following for years the story for the pages of Corriere del Trentino. Here is the press release today, I'll ride as equal.
Schelfi group workers LaVis: We seek solutions to ensure liquidity
In meeting this afternoon between President Federation of Thirty Cooperation accompanied by Managing Director Michele Odorizzi labour relations and trade union representatives of Cisl and Cgil with cellar LaVis and rsa rsu di Casa Girelli.

"The future of LaVis is high on our priorities. The commitment to seek solutions in a timely manner to ensure the liquidity necessary for the operation, and then start the approach path with the wine cooperative world ".

Trento, 12 December 2014 – A delegation of workers and trade union representatives of LaVis met today with the President of the Trentino Diego Schelfi Cooperation and labor relations Executive Director Michele Odorizzi.

The theme of the meeting, the future of the Group, with particular reference to the need to ensure the liquidity necessary for the operation of the company, today put at risk.

Employee representatives have called for concrete. "The situation is complex – said Schelfi – need the commitment of all, lenders, Autonomous Province, Members, Directors and employees. Cooperation is committed to do its part ".

On the first side, the more urgently, Schelfi has expressed willingness to contribute to the search for solutions, putting around the table component of cooperation that can make decisions.

But, hoping to find a solution to ensure liquidity, It will now deal with the second node, the medium-term industrial project. On this side you have already recorded the availability of stakeholders of the world cooperative wine.

The comment of unions

The trade unions present – composed by Manuela Faggioni of Flai Cgil with MSW of Casa Girelli, and Franco Zancanella of Fai Cisl with MSW of Casa Girelli, Tiziano Faes and Fulvio Bastiani of the Fai-Cisl and Lamberto Fisascat-Cisl's Surplus with the winery's rsa LaVis – They recorded the commitment that the President has described as "stratospheric" in giving an answer to the fundamental issue of badly needed liquidity to ensure business continuity.

During the meeting, the President also outlined the possibility of a rapprochement with the consorzio Cavit – to concretize in a period of two, three months – based on availability already demonstrated by the respective boards of Directors.

The commitment now is to meet again by the middle of next week for an update on the first theme, relative to the liquidity.

At the same time, workers ' representatives reiterated the request for maintenance of the conditions and commitments on employment levels.

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  • Giuliano
    December 13, 2014

    Se ne son lette di tutti i colori in questi anni sulla vicenda LaVis ma ti confesso che come viticoltore non socio della LaVis ma di altra Cantina Sociale provo tanta tanta soddisfazione apprendere dell’ipotesi di un avvicinamento da parte della Cantina di Lavis al consorzio Cavit, ci saranno sicuramente debiti da ripianare, ma anche prospettive di mercato che si spalancano per entrambi.
    W la Cooperazione.

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