Phenomenology of glass. Identikit of the man with the glass in your hand

by Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tell me how to eat and I'll tell you who you are. And how do you drink? Because maybe we girls every now and then we need to understand what is that beautiful male specimen that is sipping a glass of red wine at the bar where we are passing an evening with friends. The phenomenology of the food is tested, almost boring. The wine does not exist.

EC aid gives the Doxa-Advice, who interviewed 500 men and women, among the 18 and the 64 years, a map of the different types of consumers of wine.

  • Excited: An avid that consumes many types of wine, willing to spend, represents the 9% of the sample interviewed, mainly men between the 25 and the 44 years.
  • Balanced: Interested and curious, don't want to spend a lot and is not considered quite competent and experienced, calls often help and advice in the choice of wines, represented by 27% of respondents.
  • Aspirational: Open and interested in all types of wine but also very sensitive to price factor, represents the 26% of the sample.
  • Creature Of Habit: Consumer from consolidated habits, hardly dares to change, focuses on a narrow range of wines (11% of respondents).
  • Traditionalist: Loves its traditions and origins, drink the wines of the land where it comes from and represents the 7% of consumers.
  • Occasional: Consume only wine in the company of friends and in, Maybe as an appetizer and is part of the 7% of those polled by Doxa.
  • Simplifying: You don't mean and when to buy, choose only reliable well-known brands and, not to deface, It is generally very attentive to price represents the 7% of respondents.

There's not much else, If not this that I paste below.


social wine

The behavior of the Chandran provides for a drunk fast and fleeting directly from the bottle neck. In this way the Chandran wastes no time and maintains the rhythm of the conversation, with him is always very engaging. It is a sociable type, convivial, who hates to be alone. Each company should have an element like, would improve the atmosphere even in the worst of the feasts.



The Antipodes of Chandran are the shy, the Classic character resigned, dressed anonymously, holding in your hands the glass, as if there was a risk that it can cascargli from the hands, only to crash to the ground flat on. Or, who knows, fears that someone, for pure pleasure, Decides to take the cocktail from the hands, so much for not going to take one to the bar. Usually your palms are not visible and become one with the contents of the glass, which in the end always remains concealed. Drink a drink every now and then, sneaking, When you need to. The drink of choice is usually very light, never anything too strong, that might make him lose control. They attacked the shy, Gently move it closer, pretty much like you do when you try to pet a stray cat (and the result will be more or less the same ... just be close enough, If the will to remove legs!).


clooney wine

The Playboy Instead it is the top of the range, the male is sure of its charm, trendy dress (especially with clothes that heightened his fisicaccio) and the its done by Don Giovanni is unmistakable. For him the beer bottle or glass are nothing more than a phallic symbol, which exhibits with great wisdom and pride. It's the King of nonverbal communication. Follow her gestures and intentions will be clear.



You know the male Peacock when woos the woman? Here's, the sborone is usually very aware of its image, is so confident that they are often arrogant and conceited. Delimits the territory around him, looking for with the glass well away from the body, of librarlo in the air in order to occupy more space can. When he sits with his cocktail in hand lies as much as possible, without leaving even a empty corner. That, for him, is his throne.


We need more detailed studies. Stay tuned.



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