Body Key | Step 4 | I got a kilo, but it is not the fault of the diet…

by Thursday, December 4, 2014

Are more than two weeks that I didn't weight. For strength, among the 60 years celebration of Italy with Michelin 8 chef 3 Stars of the boot and tastings of various types, competitions with 12 bring to taste, wine competitions etc, I sgarrato from fear. Today I get on the scale because it rightly, yesterday, my personal trainer Body Key sent me an email (you see in the image below). Poor him, don't know who has to do…

Screenshot 2014-12-04 12.09.59

The scales this morning says +1 kg compared to last time. Could be worse but certainly not morale is pleased.

Within in my private area of Body program Key and I insert my new weight. Here's what I get…

Screenshot 2014-12-04 12.30.52


The causes, Caro mio, I have already written above. And so that you do… I have a couple of days without lunch dinners and tastings, Let's see what I can do.


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