Riedel's first signature coffee tumbler

by Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Riedel Crystal, historic Austrian glassware specializing in tasting glasses and decanters, He makes his entrance into the world of hot drinks. In November, In fact, Nespresso, leader in quality portioned coffee, launched Reveal Collection, set of two tasting glasses – Intense and Mild – signed Riedel, able to amplify the different flavors and aromas of the most famous espresso blends of Swiss brand. In Short, a Cru of coffee for true connoisseurs.

These two new glasses are machine-blown fruit design studies conducted with the help of leading experts of coffee, but not only. The project also cooperated 16 sommelier that, After testing the products for tasting, It confirmed the unique and avant-garde performance.

Led by Maximilian Riedel, 11^ glassworkers generation, Riedel Crystal knows how to shape, size and color of glass also affect important in sensory perception of the beverage consumed. This concept is the Foundation of business success since 1958, Since Claus Riedel made the first functional glass history, included in the famous Sommeliers series (1973).

As for a great wine, so for coffee all the senses are stimulated by form, dimension, transparency and elegance of Crystal: not only taste and smell, But even vista, touch and hearing are even involved in a satisfying experience and persistent.

Reveal Collection is available from the end of October in all boutiques Nespresso. For more information visit the website www.nespresso.com .

About Riedel Crystal

The company RIEDEL, family-owned company with a history of almost 300 years, renowned for its revolutionary glass products for the wine tasting differentiated depending on use, It is the first in history to recognize the taste of wine is strongly influenced by the shape of the chalice that is consumed. RIEDEL Crystal has been recognized as the number one brand in the production of glasses “in harmony with wine”, only able to accompany specific wines and spirits.

In 2013 the company began an era of innovation, by applying their knowledge of form and functionality to non-alcoholic beverages. Welcoming the invitation by the Coca-Cola Company and with the support of the team of experts in Atlanta, RIEDEL has developed the project – the result of workshops and tastings – in order to achieve a specific glass perfect, that increase the enjoyment of the most famous drink in the world, Coca-Cola Classic. In the same year, RIEDEL also responded to the appeal by Nespresso to Lausanne, Switzerland, for hot drinks. With the help and knowledge of more coffee authorities, the two companies have jointly developed two blown glasses to Nespresso machine, able to amplify the different flavors and aromas of the most famous espresso blends of leading brand of coffee.

Since its founding in 1756 and thanks to the innovative introduction of the first Goblet grape variety-specific, the Burgundy Grand Cru born 1958 – and then the whole mouth-blown Sommeliers collection, launched in 1973 – RIEDEL has become the brand preferred by wine experts, by catering professionals and discerning consumers around the world. The mark RIEDEL is distributed worldwide, available in stores and in the most exclusive restaurants. For more information, visit homepage www.riedel.com.


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