Above the Clouds. Here is the recipe of cocktails that won the MIXLDN GLOBAL COMPETITION BEEFEATER 2014

by Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's called Roberto Rossi, It's a boy 25 in Carpi and his cocktails Above the Clouds "won the jury one of the most desirable industry competitions, formed by Tim Stones (Global Brand Ambassador Beefeater), Luca Pirola (founder of Bartender.it), Thomas T (Pernod Ricard Australia) and Alex Pietrogiacomi (bartendering expert and founder of the blog The di_Verso.GQItalia.it Glass) – for originality in the presentation, recreating the typical smoke of London, and the mix of ingredients which has highlighted some of the botanicals are contained in Beefeater 24: the pink grapefruit and green tea sencha.

Tim Stones e Roberto Rossi - BEEFEATER MIXLDN 2014

In preparing the cocktail mixologist has inspired by the vision of the London landscape from an unusual point of view, that plane, with the tips of skyscrapers surrounded by a dense iridescent smoke. The continuous evolution of the British capital hit to the point the bartender, He expressed in a cocktail to suit every SIP. But the recall with London is also using Marmalade, prepared by himself, and tea, iconic elements of English breakfast.

The recipe

  • 50ml BEEFEATER24
  • 20ml of fresh pink grapefruit juice
  • 3 drops of Spanish citrus bitters
  • 3 tablespoons Marmalade added with sencha green tea
  • English IPA beer cut with vodka and natural emulsifier sucro estre

The gasket

  • Dried kaffir lime leaves
  • Sencha green tea hot

The preparation

Pour into a shaker BEEFEATER24, Add the Spanish bitter, the juice of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit and orange Marmalade and green tea sencha. Then add ice cubes and shake vigorously. Filter through a sieve and pour into a tumbler.

To complete the mount to cut velvet IPA beer with vodka with a natural sucro ester emulsifier. Once you have formed a thick liquid, pour into tumbler. Garnish with dried leaf of kaffir lime.

Presenting the glass in the bottom of a bottle of broken BEEFEATER24, to which are added dry ice and sencha green tea hot to create smoke effect typical of London.


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