Best Sommelier in Italy 2014 is Ottavio Venditto

by Monday, December 1, 2014

The victory was dedicated to Dad, recently deceased. Ottavio Venditto (Restaurant La Tavernetta, Lido di Venezia) is the Miglior Sommelier d’Italia Premio Franciacorta 2014, the contest of AIS more coveted by Italian sommelier. Octavio had the upper hand on other 12 pretenders, all very young and this is the most beautiful thing of this year's contest: you are under 30 – Venditto, class 1986, Luca Dangar of 25 years, Emmanuele Riva (29 years), Lorenzo Scapecchi (27 years), Daniele Sevoli (30) and Andrea Galanti (30) – and five under 40, — Philip Gastaldi (1983), Federico Boots (1982), Telemaco Caldandrino (1976), Valentina Merolli (1974), Massimo Tortora. Profiles of all the semi-finalists can be found HERE.

finalisti miglior sommelier italia ais 2014

Returning to the competition, second-placed Valentina Pasi Melorri (that struck me for its poetic wine descriptions, really exciting), 3rd Luke Dangar.

To judge them, a jury led by world champion Luca Martini, a jury institution (AIS President Italy Antonello Maietta, Franciacorta Institute President Maurizio Zanella, Best Sommelier in Italy 2013 Andrea Balleri, Cristiano Cini e la vostra GG 😉 ), a jury of journalists.

zanella negri maietta

Below are with the conductor's prize, Sandro Camilli, President AIS Umbria.

francesca negri sandro camilli






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