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by Sunday, November 30, 2014


PIACENZA, 29 November – after having presented a few weeks ago, I have been to visit FIVI Market in Piacenza for The people of the Independent Winegrowers are fond of long, and some of them linked by a friendly acquaintance, This does not prevent me to maintain the usual critical attitude towards their initiatives: not for nothing they call me Prof!

The problem – so to speak – is that here in Piacenza, year after year, There is less and less to criticize, evidence of careful listening and organizers. However this is a classic Hall, the seat was made more comfortable by a true bar: fundamental service, even just for a good coffee or a simple glass of water, especially in this circumstance… For the second time the restaurant is signed by Spigaroli brothers (Sorry if not) and has been expanded with some more table, so the tail is tolerable even at rush hour.

The amplitude of spaces is the distinctive element of the market. The wide lanes between the long rows of benches allow agile taster transit of supermarket trolleys, increasingly numerous and loads of bottles, of boxes and even chests, Despite the galloping of the crisis: On the other hand, a good wine can be a Christmas gift for someone who does and very pleasing to the recipient.


Here we talk with manufacturers without having to howl or stretch the ear, tasting calmly varieties and types that represent the entire wine Italy, narrated by direct voices in the vineyard and in the cellar puts commitment and effort. You discover wines and vines forgotten and recovered, inflected modern traditions, elderly technological winemakers face to face with young neoconservatives: «Ie, I wouldn't touch this red right, How is it». Sometimes it is not so well, but no matter.


And the benches, each edition, continue to increase in number (they arrived at 265); the average quality of the pure tasting, enough to make me cannot give you specific suggestions. I prefer to devote some mention, all my, some Winemakers I've met – or recognized – on this occasion, pointing to one and only one other bottle that struck me and I brought it home. I don't want everyone else, What to I really FIVI!

The surprise: Winemakers from Duline, San Giovanni al Natisone (UD). Federica and Lorenzo have a original pair ' back in synergy with the Earth»; Morus Alba (Delle Venezie IGT White, from malvasia istriana and sauvignon) is in complete synergy with my taste buds.

Confirmation: Longariva, Borgo Sacco di Rovereto (TN). Thirty-nine vintages to achieve a very well-stocked range; Graminè (WHITE WINE Vineyards of the Dolomites, da pinot grigio) is a must-see Rosé, from the beautiful color onion Peel.

Trentino-bis: Bellaveder, Maso Belvedere di Faedo (TN). If someone has bias towards cross-vines, a single taste of St. Lorenz (DOC Trentino, from Müller-Thurgau) make them go immediately.

Princess: is Eliza Mazzavillani Winery Marta V.g, Castrocaro Terme (FC). Hardening of Romagna with porcelain face, the protagonist of the relaunch of the sangiovese – serving in various interpretations -, is encouraged by the undersigned to continue to produce the only white Delyus (by albana, pignoletto and grechetto). Thank you.

With the bottom out of the Veneto: Roberto Porciello of Cascina Boccaccio of Tagliolo Monferrato (AL), young "dolcettista" of the DOCG Ovada, experienced a sparkling white bottled rifermentato sur lie. He baptized Infernot: I liked.

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  • Massimo
    December 1, 2014

    A beautiful and honest review. I note and I sign producers, all still worth trying for me. I also left my impressions and my list of alerts on the Blog Are

    see you soon and good start week


  • Ahmed Abdelhalim
    December 1, 2014

    Thanks for the appreciation, Dear Massimo.
    I'm not sure I'm judging the “beauty” of my own pieces; honesty, that Yes, I'm sure I put it in every word.
    The pleasure of incrociarci in person, Maybe my Oltrepo hills!

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