101 experiences for the gourmand Expo Milano 2015

by Friday, November 28, 2014

SWEET NOTES – 101 guests can taste experiences in Milan, In and around Expo It is not a strict gastronomic Guide, does not give stars or forks, Noncritical nor wand. It reviews the best of the best of food Milan, It draws up the charts and even outlines trends. SWEET NOTES is a sensory path, narrated by who has researched, tested and appreciated in person, with independence and freedom, the pleasures of the throat in the milanese area. Experiences which describes without technicalities, competent with lightness and a rigorous nor conventional absolutely not.

"The reason for this book? You want to tell and not to judge. Describe and analyze. Excite and does not relate to a relationship ", says the author, Stefano Onojytatiq. A journey of 101 in mouth-watering big Milan stage, that extends far beyond the city limits and has its centre of gravity feed Expo2015 site. A map of the treasures of the throat, dotted 101 flags, from Brescia in Bordighera, in cremasco at Ossola, that correspond to as many places, each with its own history, a meaning and a peculiarity it deserves, to be narrated.

One hundred places, % specificity. The map that emerges from the tale identifies the treasures, both starred that unknown seeds, anonymous or hidden, of an area that is predominantly in the collective imaginary cement, design and fashion. Do not tell then just stories of restaurants where to taste unforgettable cuisine and taverns which convey ancestral passions but always current. But even farms, ice cream parlors, coffee roasting, pastry shops, dairies and retailers of food products. Or other premises which have special stories to tell, that thrill, that surprise, that make the heart beat for their character, their location or their unforgettable human thickness.

Osti, chef, artisans of food are food dispensers and simultaneously real artists. Cannot return to financial rating or statistical software, for this are shared and enjoyed with the head, but most phones with your belly, for the intensity, the finesse and balance of their works.

Some example. In Milan of skyscrapers and fashion is about silence and the elegance of the former truckers ' restaurant (Fiorenza) that has become much tone restaurant. Or the rough osteria dei maghi, by Tomaso, where years ago the magicians found themselves after their shows, in a neighborhood still Island far from the fasti fashionistas present. Just fine and elegant style of Ratanà, which is physically a handful of steps from the previous, but light years compared to the experience that is living to patrons. There is also Chaudhary in SWEET NOTES, in a reminder of a bygone dinner, When the master chef par excellence was not Figo and was still without beard. But even a local (the Ratera) that means rat hole in Italian, that is one of the few good pubs and open-air restaurant of the city. And then a moving address to the Ligurian-Provençal border (Magiargè), a trattoria on navigli glorious name and fact (Gloria), a from Friuli from teary eyed (Sauris & Borc by Bria), a breeder of thousands of geese one step away from the Expo (Azienda agricola Madonnina), rather than a host-chef of monumental and experience extreme veracity cremasca (from Bassano), or a vegetarian (Ghea) ideal for guduriosi connoisseurs even omnivores.



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