Cantina di Soave: fly to sales + 13%. Merit of Durello&co.

by Friday, November 21, 2014

Unanimous approval at the last general meeting of the annual financial statements 2013/2014. To inform this morning, were Sandra and Bruno Carlesso Trentini, President and General Manager of the company during the press conference of presentation of financial statements that took place at Caffè Vittorio Emanuele in Verona.

The data at a glance:
• Consolidated turnover that exceeds 102 million euros
or In particular very well the trend of sales arising from product bottled with a + 13% in value compared to last year. Sales of bottled product maintain a majority proportion compared to the bulk of 55%; of which the 58% comes from branded product company, against the 42% determined by the sales of products to "private label".
or Good distribution between Italy and foreign sales respectively 56% the first and 44% the second.
• Record the total settlement amounts to 54.500.000 euros with an increase of + 12% compared to the previous year; the yield per hectare of stands on a +9% compared to the previous year, by touching the 11.000 Euro/hectare.
• On the subject of corporate equity capitalization reaches over this year 52 million euros, faced with a cash flow of more than 7 million euros and an operating profit of 1.312.000 euro. Good net financial position, which stands at euro 5.158.000 with an improvement compared to the previous year of euro 3.554.673.

"In this difficult economic scenario, the company has maintained, indeed increased, its commercial positions both in Italy and abroad by ensuring the stability of sales that has resulted in the achievement of a positive economic result, Indeed, We could say for the record income of Associates – explains Attilio –. This year, the total liquidation of the grapes to the partners reached a record value of ben 54.500.000 euro; for a cooperative enterprise as Cantina di Soave, where the results are measured in terms of remuneration of the grapes is therefore important to point out that in the latter year was liquidated over the 12% more than the previous one ".

Note that the increment and the defense of members ' income is also and above all through the management of names. Manage a name means determining the quantity of product to be placed on the market without creating redundancies and define the correct placement for the same. This is what was done in the early 2000 for Type Soave and Valpolicella and later for the Lessini Durello, with the result that today these designations are among the most profitable for the grower in national. Cantina di Soave has therefore committed itself to achieve these goals, Unfortunately we can't say the same for other manufacturers, that so shortsighted disregard the importance of this strategy.

In terms of profitability for the Soave wine cellar members hoped the increasing cooperation with the entire chain and with other local wineries to make the best of heritage designations, the latter real wealth and real market value value for members and for the entire territory.

"The performance of bottled wines has characterized very positively, and between these, in particular the company's branded products. Bottle means giving more and more value not only to the product but also and above all to the denomination”, says Bruno Trentini.

Cantina di Soave will focus increasingly on product category bottled, segment that allows you to gain new market shares for strategic increase of the remuneration of Members. A trend to be reckoned with is however the channel category Discount, that sells mainly branded products, and that continues to grow with the complicity of the economic conditions and lifestyles of consumers who are looking for the perfect combination of affordable price and quality, inevitable therefore be present in these supply chains.

A particular note must be added the fact that Cantina di Soave is constantly striving to consolidate its active role in the general economy, not only local, But even in a national and international context, supporting and encouraging the economic expansion and thus helping to create income for thousands of families. Cantina di Soave despite the unfortunate period of economic crisis continues to increase its workforce. Altogether the company has posted in the last year about a dozen new employees indefinitely, with specific skills on strategic sectors, such as the Export and, in constant development sectors.
Today the export accounts for the 44% the total turnover, and probably will increasingly, for this reason, we have to assume new shapes that can be supportive in grasping all the opportunities arising from this area.

The hospitality sector, the company operates through the structure of Village Rocca Sveva, constitutes an increasingly important vector of visibility and awareness not only for Cantina di Soave, but for all the local activities that revolve around the tourist promotion of the territory. Events organised in the village Rocca Sveva thus become an instrument for the promotion of the entire territorial area, promotion to be conveyed needs qualified and able to convey the intrinsic value of landscapes and local products each 20.000 guests who annually stop in Village Rocca Sveva.

Cantina di Soave – 2200 Members, activated on 6000 hectares of vineyards owned by, 30 millions of bottles produced per year for a turnover that exceeds 100 million euros – export 48% of the total production. Exported the share 30% is sold in Germany, the 30% in Great Britain, the 20% in the Scandinavian countries and the 20% in other countries. The main markets are now Germany, Great Britain, Scandinavian Countries, Switzerland, Japan, South America, In addition to the United States. Cantina di Soave produces 43% of the total production of Soave Classico, the 48% production of Soave DOC, the 49% production of Valpolicella DOC, the 70% of the total production of Lessini Durello.


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