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by Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In Milan is on everyone's lips this menu to 8 bring all stock-based, from appetizer to dessert.

Ham Soup with cod peeled, parsley bread, radishes

Broth of cicadas with garlic ravioli, and chilli oil

Parmigiano broth with whole artichoke

Shellfish soup with Herb risotto with Prawn tails

Fish broth with fried food Istanbul, chicory and lemon.

Pigeon soup, Pigeon with corn, Strawberry grapes and Caramelized lime pop corn

Apple stock black tea with Apple tartelletta

Chocolate soup with carrot and cumin cream

Costa 95 and I wish I had a Lambrusco berci, but of course there was not even one in paper (too pop?).

The restaurant is very essential and elegant, Although the tables do not have the classic table linens that I love very much (I'll be too traditional or not trendy enough to understand Milan fashions).

The menu, an experience to make once in a lifetime. That like it or not.












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