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by Friday, November 14, 2014

For one who eats and drinks to work for passion, It is not easy to follow a diet. Regularly I don't fill my food program on Bodykey and some days just can't seem to follow dietary instructions. So I thought that the only thing to do was insert, whenever possible, an instant meal Bodykey.

Horror, you say! A gourmet who takes instant meals you can't see. In fact, If the flab doesn't insist with become so me “viscina-viscina” I only signed delicacies this Chicco Cerea, Gualtiero Marchesi, Antonino Cannavacciuolo & co. I have already happened in the past to do other diets that provided for mandatory (don't Bodykey) Instant meals and prepared various: I have to admit it, None were as good as these. Myself I was amazed.

My favorite is tomato soup, Although the vegetables is just as good. For breakfast, the vanilla frappé is not driving me crazy, I have yet to try the cocoa and I hope that I like it a lot’ more, While I must say that the chocolate bar is not only abundant, but it is also tasty and when you arrive at the bottom are sufficiently met. Is not a vanilla macaron, agree, but the craving for sweet is satisfied.

Screenshot 2014-11-14 00.12.32

Then there's him, my personal trainer. I call Up and he, through videos that I can throw at any time, tells me that doing exercises, simply home, with a mat. Are simple exercises, but effective: ABS, exercises for the legs etc, What should I do to 30 minutes twice per week.

Over the past 7 days the weight fell to 63,3 kg. I am happy.





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