I do Byob and you? Here's how the right to stappo became “so chic” in Usa

by Thursday, November 13, 2014

No, I don't want to talk about the sacred right of stapparvi a bottle when, how and with whom better believe. What I give for granted. What I want to talk about is a custom which in Italy is considered to be very little chic – Let's say from beggars – and in America, Instead, is a real snob. I personally think that Italy should become a fashion connoisseur, I occasionally practice, I did it for my wedding.

I draw a full hands, to tell you a little’ of this practice, by a post by Donatella Cinelli Colombini. Byob means bring your own bottle and, as I was saying, in USA is a habit snob, by true connoisseurs, that are not satisfied restaurant wine and want to match the truly important bottles, with the dishes. Find the letters Byob restaurants in advertising that allow this practice and invitations to parties where participants are asked to bring good bottles.

The right to Cap/corkage fee is the fee request from the restaurant because you drink wine: in Italy the request goes from 5 to 10 euro average (per bottle), 15-25 dollars in the United States.

The first survey on the wine lover Byop Americans and brought Wine Spectator. Apparently iI phenomenon has taken enormous: the 36% submitted by readers, Once on two, go to the restaurant with its wine. The 23% brings with it the bottle, Once on four and only 17% always order the wine at the restaurant. The practice of Byob is linked to the desire to celebrate the convivial occasion then focuses on the weekend (45%) or for the holidays (22%).

Of course the practice of Byob led to the production of bags and suitcases to carry the bottles from the House at restaurant, even for refrigerarle. Look here!

For the fashion victim


For sportsmen



For campagnoli



For dandy


Even Madonna was plucked to do Byob at Osteria Glue in New York while he pulled out of the bag bottle and stemware… What to expect to do Byob too?!



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