Good organic wines. Yes, we can!

by Sunday, November 9, 2014

Bad. This is the idea that many organic and biodynamic wines. Incomplete wines, that something is missing. If a time maybe all this was often true, Today it is not so. And I'll say one that doesn't matter anything that the wine be organic or not, I want it to be good, Why not admit compromise. And Bio&dynamica of Merano Wine Festival I had the confirmation: biodynamic wines do extraordinary, like the traditional production, You can.

Before seeing my top selection of biodynamic wines, Let's see some numbers. In Italy there are 952 hectares of biodynamic vineyards totaling 107 farms. In 2015 they will arrive at an altitude 130 for a total of 500 hectares. The biodynamic regions in terms of number of wineries are:
1. Trentino
2. Tuscany
3. Abruzzo
In terms of the ranking change hectares slightly:
1. Tuscany 259
2. Abruzzo 152
3. Trentino aa 104

Demeter is the only Italian company that certifies biodynamic, born in Germany in the 1930s and arrives in Italy in 1986, the headquarters is in Parma. Giovanni Legitimate, technician of Demeter, tells: «The biodynamic trend is growing.
Across in Italy Demeter certified 400 food and wine companies that match the 0,5% of national agricultural production».

How much time is required for a company to become a biodynamic?
If your company has already certified organic for over three years may have the brand name Demeter biodynamic for after 12 months. If childbirth from scratch, 2 years if I produce wheat, 3 If I produce grapes.

After these numbers, Here's the best biodynamic tastes (to my taste) I made the MWF2014.

THE PANI, Podere Forte
100% Sangiovese Wine Doc Orcia

Spices, chocolate, cigar, raisins, ripe fruit. Just put your nose in this wine to feel dizzy. This is a heady nectar, sexy, completely enveloping, as a night of the fireflies and a kiss in the Moonlight that do not expect.
Get ready to stroke of lightning.
A falling in love a little’ expensive, 90 EUR per bottle, but really a great well spent. It is a madness that you won't regret. Let It.

OSATO, The Donna Claudia Riserva
Merlot Cabernet Franc, Sangiovese Valdarno above Doc

Rosé of great character which does not regret the Spaniards charged with colours and flavours. Raspberry-flavored sa, tomato leaf, flowers and has a slight tannic note that makes it pleasant to those who loves not hear tannin.
Costa 12 euro, well spent.

THEODORA, Tenuta Terre Nobles
Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio Calabria Pgi

The bottle is dedicated to the Byzantine empress Theodora, wife of Justinian I, who lived at the turn of the V and VI century a.d.. The dedication is motivated by the fact that Theodora had a strong personality so as to conquer the Emperor from simple family orphan ballerina, and to bring it to reign together with her husband, with which ran power.
The blood is, pulposus, persistent sensually. Smacks of red fruits and spices, It costs about 30 euro.

AMARONE, Court St. Alda
Corvina (30%), Corvina Grossa (50%) and Rondinella (20%)

AND’ the first biodynamic Amarone of Italy. AND’ a fresh wine, slender, Ruby red with hints of ripe fruit, black pepper and chocolate, the tannins are soft.



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