The Blues Brothers of Riesling

by Wednesday, November 5, 2014


You define the Blues Brothers wine, «around Italy to fulfill a mission of God». The God in question is Bacchus, and specifically Bacchus of Mosel, Northern Germany, World Riesling country, grape variety from the great personality but the Italian knows great little market. At least to hear the opinion of Martin Foradori, the owner of the famous cantina Tramin Hofstaetter (BZ) and Nik Weis owns Weingut St . Hurbans-Hof Mosel.

blues brother wine

The mission that these two wine boy want to accomplish is to make known to wine lovers a really fascinating vine, But today, If something you know, the South Tyrolean and French production (Alsace). Because? Soon said: "We detected the vineyards of the famous Winery Dr. Fischer: the Fischer family, explains Foradori – remained owns just under a hectare, I have purchased 3,5, the third partner, Nik Weis, the remaining 1,5 HA». Not a project that winks at the market, "because the Riesling in Italy there is little culture», but a project of the heart and passion. That the three new members naturally hope that you become a good business. «Our dream continues Foradori – is to bring in a few years the company from the current 5,8 hectares and 50,000 bottles approximately 12 HA and 100,000 pieces». That in terms of turnover would mean passing from 350mila euros per 1 million. The 50% the production is destined for the Italian market, the remaining mainly in the American, with a small part to repay German customers.

«The freshness and acidity of Moselle wines reflect very well the current consumer tastes. And even the price is interesting. With the genus Trocken piazzeremo us on the shelf by 12 to 14 euro. Of course, then, There will also be more cost and bottles», continues Foradori. The tradition of Mosel Riesling, In fact, is among the most famous in the world: in the 1920s and Trena twentieth century this type of wine was in the cards of the most prestigious hotels in Paris, London and Berlin to higher prices of the most prestigious champagne. Then, over the decades, the production and fame went in decline, mainly due to production difficulties due to a valuable but difficult territory. Suffice it to say that the slope of the vineyards in the Mosel 60%. So why not try to produce a Riesling in South Tyrol? «From us this variety gives good results only in tiny micro areas. Myself with 8 thousand square meters of 2001 I Riesling otherwise convert soon. The style of Mosel Riesling – explains Foradori – is unique and that is why I launched this new venture». The new 2001 Riesling in the Mosel come labeled Dr. Fischer and should arrive in Italy next March, ready to debut at Vinitaly but mainly on the domestic market. And if the wines will be like those of Nik that yesterday I tasted from Ceresio 7 in Milan, I assure you that will make you fall in love.


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