Bodykey Step 2 | The results of genetic testing and how to start the program

by Tuesday, November 4, 2014

In early October I told you the new food program Bodykey (read here) and finally last week I received the results of the genetic test that I am concerned. Arrives directly in your reserved area of the site and is very essential.

bodykey test genetico alimentare


I must say that I was expecting. Naturalmente non mi dispiace poter mangiare più carboidrati di quello che immaginavo 🙂

At this point I compiled my food preferences (nb. I eat everything, but the meat I eat only grilled or Braised in succulent that certainly don't Cook I, for this I inserted between unwelcome foods: I wanted to avoid that I fit into my diet at home things like beef tenderloin, that I don't ever).

Screenshot 2014-11-04 23.03.30In this way each day my personal trainer proposes a menu, but I reject (until now I've never followed) and enter what I ate or I want to eat. The digital trainer recalculates the caloric intake and the right nutritional and tells me if I'm feeding as I.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 23.06.17

I admit, you have to be honest and do not cheat. And especially trying to indicate all ingredients without forgetting condiments. The procedure is a little’ cumbersome and you need to be consistent, though I find it very interesting to see in real time the balance of my diet. We say that is a meal plan for people very motivated, careful, precise and, According to me, who have studied a little’ How does the nutritional mechanism. If you don't want to Miss, Instead, There are ready-made Bodykey foods. I'm waiting for them to try it for you.

Screenshot 2014-11-04 23.07.29

I started about a week ago and for three days I was sick, the other four I was out to lunch every day, tastings of various kinds. Today I weighed and was 300 gr in less. Nothing, in fact, ma a me ha fatto ben sperare 😉

Tomorrow is the day of physical exercises, always in the company of my digital personal trainers. Stay tuned!




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