14 billions of pasta per year

by Thursday, October 30, 2014

Product symbol of Pasta Made in Italy, maintains global market leadership. A healthy product, versatile, tasty and the food our tables main. With the Pasta produced in the world in the year 2013, they were created 14 billion and 278 millions of meals.

A veritable plebiscite, demonstrated by the survey data "Gli Italiani e la Pasta"conducted by Doxa, According to which almost all Italians love pasta and a good 44% of them consumes daily. We Speak, then, about 26 millions of our countrymen that every day they bring to the table a nice plate of steaming pasta for the whole family. A tradition, then, that endures despite the changes of society, consumption and costumes.

The dough is, In fact, still time to conviviality and sociality par excellence and is consumed not only among the four walls but also outside home: the 46% the respondents eat only at home, but they are even more (50%) those who eat at home and outside.

But who are the "Heavy users"pasta, or that 69% Italians who consume at least 4 days a week? For once you can own talk of a food really as cross really like all Italians, by each age group, men and women, from every part of Italy, with percentages that differ by no – only some slight emphasis al Central/South Italy and in lower socio-economic group of the population.

Italians confirm, Finally, to have well received and stored the advice of many nutrition education campaigns in recent years about the importance of the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, pastry: the media portion, In fact, brought to the table by the Italians is slightly less than 90 grams, perfectly in line with what recommended by nutritionists.


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