Haute cuisine chefs, Goodbye. Now come on tv would-be King of the grill. From tonight on DMAX

by Monday, October 27, 2014

Just aspiring chef who speak French and they know all about blast, vacuum and other trappings from super experts. Today comes on tv the new talent that aims at the best expert ensnares grid. Will be six episodes of fiery battle that will see starting today at 21:10 in prima tv on DMAX (Dtt channel 52, Sky Channel 136-137, Tivùsat channel 28). Nine contestants will compete by all means to deserve the title of King of the GRILL and barbecue Championships Sweden 2015, In addition to publishing a cookbook. Therefore the barbeque will be the protagonists of the first cooking weblog Discovery aired for six weeks on DMAX. Charcoal Barbecue, excellent barbecue and handsome (that can only be Weber, world leader and official supplier of the program).

Motivatissimi applicants, two women and seven men, from all over Italy and characterized by distinct motivations, from family stories, from dazzling passions for the embers, the kitchen, conviviality and nature. Nine combative personality and ready for the challenge and confrontation, under the watchful eye and demanding a jury of exception, Here too much other than judges star Chaudhary-Bastianic-Barbieri: to give the thumbs down or less for the King of the Grill will be Chef Rubio, Paolo Parisi and Christian Tomei.

Paolo Parisi will give to the freshness and originality. Known for its almond egg got feeding goat milk, free-range chickens of his farm in Tuscany and favored by Gualtiero Marchesi who sends students of the last year of his SOUL to understand production processes, Paige loves the simplicity of raw materials, outdoor life, the natural light and the freedom of animals and things. Parisi is a breeder-creative, one who creates "good things", one aboard his camper turns the Italy to convey the power of natural products, simple, bred and cultivated with his methods and therefore guaranteed. Paige loves grilling on the barbecue Weber obtained which always brings with it. Search for authenticity. As A Christian Tomei.

Christian Tomei also loves the purity of things, dei sapori. According to the judge, King of the grill, Tomei is a curious and cheerful spirit lover of raw and primordial elements of nature like fire, wood, the bark, wild herbs. Owner of the famous restaurant "the funnel" of Lucca, ama experience, To try, use a non-artificial and primitive cooking like fire and Grill, Note. Casually on a piece of maritime pine bark, improvising and then gradually optimizing, He created his "primitive steak", pure delight. Demanding innovator, artist savage, Tomei will lead to talent simplicity and rigour along.

The exuberance will instead of Chef Rubio, already known on tv for the participation in some of the most beloved DMAX programmes, including the phenomenon on street food Unti and Bisunti. Among his passions tattoos, rugby, travel and cuisine. He played rugby as a professional, never ceases to travel and is never satisfied. Graduate Alma Chef of Gualtiero Marchesi, Rubio moved effortlessly between markets and street food vendors, speaking of traditions, places of origin, of flavours and knowledge. Rubio will animate the competition with his skill and sympathy.

With these judges decided to get battle, on the coals of a barbecue Weber, In addition to foods, There will be competitors. In a very appetising fight.


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