Blueberries bavaroise and Integral oatmeal Cookie

by Saturday, October 18, 2014

This is the sweet Cocofungo 2014. It was one of the participating restaurants at Festival, going up to 31 October in Veneto, and in particular of Ximena Miron "restaurant Miron" in Nervesa della Battaglia, Treviso.

Blueberries bavaroise and Integral oatmeal Cookie

For the Bavarian
INGREDIENTS (for 8 people):
400 gr. Fresh Blueberries
200 gr. Whipped Cream
50 gr. Egg yolk
50 gr. Sugar
4 nr. Sheets of isinglass
Whip the egg whites with sugar, place in the refrigerator for at least 1 now.
Add the gelatin previously softened in warm water.
Then add gently whipped cream.
Place the ramekins in Bavarian with a thin layer of fresh cranberries and cover
with a thin layer of cranberry Coulis.
Put in refrigerator at least 5\6 hours before serving.
For the Integral oatmeal Cookie
INGREDIENTS (for 8 people):
230 gr. Wholemeal Flour
230 gr. Oatmeal
4 cucch. Oat flakes
4 cucch. Brown sugar
4 cucch. Softened Butter
4 cucch. Milk
qb. Salt
1\2 Yeast sachet
In a bowl mix the butter with the sugar, then add the milk.
Once the mixture is smooth, add the flours and cereals, the pinch of salt and
Finally the yeast.
Shape the cookies as desired and cook in a roasting pan at 180° for about 15 minutes.


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