Bodykey Step 1 | The food program according to DNA

by Saturday, October 4, 2014

I won't bore you with my dissertations on the weight, but I think this thing could affect you. I would still lose a few pounds after pregnancy. I've thrown down in a year 24 and I'm glad, But if I could, I'd like to get rid of other 5 comfortable comfortable.

Like all, I hate diets and my work are almost impossible. And then, because dieting? I rather would like to figure out what my ideal food programme.

I tried here and there, then one day I happened to receive a press release on Bodykey by Nutrilite, u.s. company supplements the official supplier of AC Milan. I say this to make it clear that this is a company able to support quality requirements of serie A clubs. Bodykey offers a very special food programme: It starts by DNA analysis.

I decided to try and Nutrilite has accepted the challenge.

First step. DNA testing, contained in this kit.

Apparently, scientific studies have recently shown a close relationship between the DNA of our bodies and how it responds to nutrition and exercise. All individual genetic variations determine the process by which the body maintains its own weight.

The genetic test bodykey analyzes the genetic structure and reveals important information to help you identify the best dietary composition and type of physical activity more suited to achieve weight loss goals. The test results are therefore used to delineate the bodykey diet and exercise staffing profile.

I just have to wait a couple of weeks, This is the time required for test results. Then, with secret codes etc, go online to know my Personal virtual trainer, that will balance my schedule according to the things I love most eat. Don't believe it? Yet tell me that is so. Stay tuned!








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