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“Corked”, Goodbye!

by Monday, September 29, 2014

Goodbye Cork taint: the company thirty Brentapack, Labrenta group, and the Physics Department of the University of Trento has started a research project on the phenomenon more feared by winemakers around the world.

The patent, internally the made in Italy, is the decontamination of Cork closures for the wine sector. Started in 2013, the study about the sanitizing of the CAP, that is the process that eliminates the risk of this being attacked by TCA, the trichloroanisole, made head of Cork taint. The production of closures exempt from risk of TCA is an important frontier for the oenological sector and an alternative to the use of synthetic materials. A solution that allows companies to be more competitive, solving a problem that involves a significant economic damage.

The conclusion of the first phase of this project, they saw involved 7 technicians, including 3 researchers, made it possible to obtain a very significant reduction of the TCA. The sanitizing of the CAP designed by Brentapack, Labrenta group, and the University of Trento is now further development, so much so that it is implementing the first pilot plant for the production. The goal of this research is the total elimination of Tca.

For Brentapack this is a new step forward in delivering cutting-edge products and technologies. The company, Thanks to 10 years of research, He also patented Cork, a line of caps without adhesive made from a blend of thermoplastic materials. This type of caps, designed by Brentapack with Cork without adhesives microagglomerato, contain thermoplastic polymer and are therefore completely recyclable. Cork closures are made from a high quality Cork granina, perfectly sanitized to remove any contaminants. It is the result of Italian research and is produced entirely in our country.

The Labrenta group, with 40 years of experience in the field, He also introduced the control system Checks Cork 5 for the quality of Cork. It passes through 5 different stages: gasmassa and microbiological analysis, Visual quality control, weight selection, calibrated humidity, the final check and traceability. The most important involves the use of the charts that follow a weighted selection guarantees a homogeneous quality of wine maturation and sensory level. The Vicenza-based company is one of the first in the world to use this system, thanks to which we eliminate the plugs with a density too low which can cause sagging, and those with high density that can highlight springback problems. This will discard approximately 8% of the product. You get a high quality product, called "Core Alpha".


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