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by Friday, September 26, 2014

AND’ been difficult to keep secret but now I can say: Said that I was chosen as a Bbc2 new wine tutor. The program aired every day (Mon-Fri) by 14 at 16 and led by Catherine Balivo is champion of listens to this his third season. I am the only tutor who speaks of wine in the program and perhaps the only TV channel of the Italian digital terrestrial.

Teach simple things, starting from ABC, things that experts have discounted but perhaps that many much less experts are not at all. The idea is to understand the allure of wine but also its accessibility, returning to enter the homes of Italians talking with simplicity and with a dash of female sensuality. A great responsibility, a great honor, I would like to thank all those responsible for the program and Catherine bailiff for giving me this great opportunity.

My first tutor, airs , 29 September 2014.

Follow me and the program on Bbc2 (All episodes are also available on the web)

on the facebook page Said And Done

on my facebook page Gourmet Geisha


Special thanks to Chiara. Gabriele, James Leonardo, Henry and Chablis. To my good Friends with few but the capital. To equally few and good friends. And also to all friends not, they manage always to stimulate new and even more exciting businesses.


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  • Ahmed Abdelhalim
    September 26, 2014

    Congratulations Francesca!
    Now I have another reason to be proud to represent, here, the male side of the… lato femminile dell’enogastronomia 🙂

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