Venison Carpaccio with smoked potato cakes, caviar and red fruit emulsion

by Thursday, September 25, 2014

This recipe will be among the protagonists of the evening of 30 September at the Hotel Danieli, chef Daniele Parascandolo, dedicated to the wines of cantina Terenzi di Scansano (GR). It is the first of a series of very interesting meetings, hosted by Danieli Wine Suite.

The second part of the cycle of events will continue with other three important enological gems: Tuesday, 21 October the spotlight will be focused on Winery Benanti of Sicily, with a wine tasting "Noblesse", "Marina Rock", "Nerello Cappuccio", "Rovittello" and "Serra della Contessa", emblematic witnesses of the terroir of Etna.

Will follow later Tuesday, 11 November another special experiential path, This time to explore the Brands through the company Colonnara, in the declination of 6 different labels and/or vintages: "Ubaldo Rosi", "Lyricus", "Cuprese", "Tùfico", "Tornamagno" and "Sanctorum".

The day Tuesday, 2 December the protagonist of the scene will be Podere La Berta of Romagna: during the evening there will be a vertical tasting of two wines compared "Solano" Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore and "Olmatello" Reserve Sangiovese di Romagna, both the expression of two individual cru.

In the evenings the discovery of wines will be alternated to accompaniments with specially designed by our Executive Chef Dario Parascandolo.

The entire program on


Venison Carpaccio with smoked potato cakes, caviar and red fruit emulsion

Kg 1 clean deer tenderloin without fat

Gr 30 sugar

Gr 30 Salt

Gr 1 juniper berries

Pcs 1 stick cinnamon

Gr 1 coriander seeds

Gr 300 smoked potatoes


Gr 300 red fruits

Gr 100 Raspberry vinegar

Gr 400 extra virgin olive oil

Gr 50 caviar

Salt and pepper


1) marinade for deer 4 hours with salt, sugar, coriander, Juniper, cinnamon and salt. Rinse.

2) drizzle the smoked potatoes with chives , Salt, pepe, extra virgin oil.

3) prepare the sauce by blending the red fruits, go to remove the skins, Sprinkle with vinegar and oil.

4) put in the pot the deer cut into thin slices, have round Center potato, over caviar potatoes and season with red fruit sauce.



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