Seduced by a Friulian

by Friday, September 19, 2014

The great thing about traveling is seeing new places, different people, atmospheres and new cultures. I love travel, though, making me tell from the taste, in its most genuine flavours. The gastronomic traditions tell the story of a place like the monuments, the churches, the landscapes. Are the monuments of taste.
If you have never done, try this. Travel with the wines and recipes of a country, you will see that at the end the story telling nn is so different from that of the books, but it's certainly more pleasant and original.
Will you meet good things but not unforgettable and fantastic things that will change your life. The last that I came across is the Toros of Cormons, already home to a delicious ham. Toros is a cellar that tells the story of many wine families, animated by great passion and tenacity for more than one generation.
The flagship is the Friulano: the harvest 2012 was awarded for this year 3 Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso. The wine is really seductive, soft as cashmere and perfumed in the proper place. Tastes like almond and flowers, and is thriving as a girl in the flower of his age.
A little’ thinner is the Pinot Grigio, light and dry. In Short, the first one has love handles, the second is a little’ as a pretty soulless. Two excellent wines, depends on what you are looking for.
Toros was a new discovery that will hardly get out of my life. Here's the great thing about a trip: take away something that remains with you forever.



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