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by Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finally the wine addict will know where to buy stools and tables made of shaped CAP that often meet in locations and events. And if you thought just once “Why wont my house”, Now you have no more excuses.

From the creativity of Livingcap of Greencorks were born stools, obtained from the recycling of Cork closures. The stool shaped like a champagne Cork to smaller size (cm. 45) born from the reuse of 700 fixed caps and double the CO2 emitted in case of non-recovery, — 14 kg. To create the largest (65 cm) serve 2.500 a total of caps 32 kg CO2 fixed (data are the result of a research commissioned from the politecnico di Milano).

Livingcap has designed a coffee table shaped like a barrel plug, diameter cm. 60, per cm. 28 Tall. Elements that make up accessories suitable for every environment, both internal and external. Produced in a workshop of Vicenza, Thanks to the support of the architect Manuel Cason of Mca & Partners, These objects are real and their design elements full of respect for nature. The Greencorks project aims to promote sustainable development. The Cork is harvested within specific containers, called Save Planet Box, in special points reported.

All realization takes place without the use of artificial materials. «Also the glues used are natural type, as well as raw», explains Alessia Zanin, sales manager at Livingcap, «Greencorks was created to give life to products such as chairs, tables, wine cellar, Ottoman from a ever-living as the Cork that is durable and can be recycled endless times».

The entire line is available on line through the shop on the site


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