Milan Fashion Week: Here's the cocktail inspired by fashion designers

by Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fashion Week is poised to invade Milan and in via Montenapoleone aperitif also launches a new trend. A tribute some of the most prestigious brands of the walkways, is this the initiative the historic Grocery Parini 1915 that, during the week of fashion shows, propose, in his famous happy hour, original cocktail inspired Valentino, Armani, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Hermes and Chanel.

Are six new recipes designed by Grocery Parini 1915 via Borgospesso angolo via Montenapoleone, inspired by some of the hallmarks of the stars of fashion week and trying to reproduce in a glass the taste, the style and uniqueness of each of them. Entirely renovated and reopened by may with new catering services throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, going for a drink, the Grocery Parini wants so honor the fashion world that throughout the year the surroundings in the beautiful scenery of the quadrilatero milanese.

Bright red as the colour created by the famous Maison is the cocktail inspired by Valentino, martini rosso based, bitter campari and orange juice. Solid and elegant the drink dedicated to Armani, with peach vodka, belvedere vodka, bitter campari and lemon soda. For Prada, Instead, a cocktails from the clear line, with historical tastes but renewed with original couplings: gin del mare, brown sugar, martini bianco and Apple cooked in osmosis in cranberry juice. D juice’Sicilian Orange, the land of origin of the two founders, is the protagonist in that thought to honor Dolce and Gabbana, mixed with rum, cointreau and lime juice.

Finally, a tribute to two international always protagonists maison in Milan. TO Hermes, with a cocktail of vodka grey goose, brown sugar, passion fruit and peach cooked in osmosis in passion fruit juice that illuminates the glass of Orange, as the symbol of the House color. And to Chanel, where drink could not miss a golden champagne accompanied by rum, brown sugar and hierba buena.









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