Wine In: the noir on wine at the movies. But only for a few

by Monday, September 15, 2014

Inspired by the novel Wine in by Fabio Marcotto (and. Curcu&Genovese), movie, Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani directed is a Faustian-style noir comedy. The story tells of Giovanni Cuttin, teetotaler and simple bank employee who went on to become the most important and esteemed wine-Italian writer and editor-in-Chief of BIBENDA , the most prestigious sector monthly. His life unravels of success success among public tastings, conferences and presentations of his autobiographical book, "In Wine", until the encounter with a mysterious, beautiful woman who draws him into a vortex with no way out. Between an enigmatic past resurfaces, excellent wines and situations between noir and comedy sooner or later comes the inevitable account payable. This in a nutshell the plot of the first film about the world of Italian wine, movies Italian Sommelier Foundation and BIBENDA married early and they offered technical cooperation.

From Thursday, 11 September Vinodentro is screened at the cinema The Space of Belpasso (Catania), Corciano (Perugia), Genoa, Guidonia (Rome), Limena (Padova), Montesilvano (Pescara), Parma, Pradamano (Udine), Livorno, Parco dei Medici (Rome), Rozzano (Milan), Sestu (Cagliari) and Silea (Treviso). Out from The Space will be screened at the Astra di Trento, the Capitol of Bolzano, at Elia di Corato, the Udine Station, the Delle Palme in Napoli, the Clev of Chiusi, the Officinema di Feltre, the Lux and the new Roman Eagle, The Omnia Center Multiplex Prato, al Massimo in Pescara, to Rosmini in Rovereto, the Multiplex Le Befane in Rimini and many more.

Because not all cinemas in Italy?


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