Lunelli Seals, the new brand for the still wines of the Ferrari family

by Friday, September 5, 2014

A new common brand for all still wines of three Estates owned – Margon in Trentino, Fabiano in Tuscany and Umbria – and Carr a new great dream: «Make our label Villa Margon, 100% Trentino Chardonnay, one of the most important white wines of Italy. We believe a lot in the vocation of Trentino for white wines, other manufacturers make products of excellence, still insufficiently appreciated». Talking is CEO of the Lunelli Group which yesterday presented in Rome the Lunelli Seals project.



«Lunelli Seals – explains the ad – sets the seal on a generational project, that needed 27 vintages in Trentino, 13 in Tuscany and 12 in Umbria. We have taken our time and we are convinced that much more we desire for future projects. We are convinced that making quality wine is like running a marathon, not how to make one click». After a long journey of care and experimentation, started in the 1980s in Trentino and in the early 2000s in Tuscany and Umbria, the Lunelli family has decided to put its name on the labels of the three Estates – Margon, Fabiano Castelbuono – Underlining the values and the resulting common stylistic creations: sustainability, elegance and longevity.

"We have a deep respect for the land and this translates to enhance the characteristics of each, meaning for Trentino his character of mountain farming, for Tuscany elegance of its hills, for the power of Sagrantino Umbria. An enhancement that goes towards environmental protection and sustainability: all three seals are now organic cultivation: Fabiano is certified by 2012, Castelbuono from 2014 and margon is started some time ago and will conclude with the harvest 2017 certification», says Matteo Lunelli.



Lunelli County seals on a pink labels for a total of 300.000 bottles, but the goal is to arrive at an altitude 500.000. Wine grapes enclosed under the hat of the new brand is exclusively from 70 hectares of vineyards owned and to achieve the goal of half a million will need other pieces 30 hectares. It is not known yet where the Lunelli have in mind to do some shopping of vineyards, If point more about Trentino, Umbria or Tuscany, but one thing is certain: «The Sagrantino is our visiting card for the Usa, Tuscan labels must be strong in Germany and in Trentino-I have a dream that is called Villa Margon, Our Chardonnay label, I would like to become one of the great white wines of Italy», trusts Lunelli. The aim is not to increase production, at an altitude of 50.000 bottles, but to recognize the marked «the Blazon it deserves and deserve other white wines from Trentino from other manufacturers. We must all work together in this regard because the Trentino is not only a land of big bubbles, but also excellent Baker». The launch Lunelli seals, held at the exclusive Club Canottieri Aniene, Rome with Trento group has partnered, It was also an opportunity to present three new labels (9 in total) of trademark: «For Trentino Stone is Great, blend of Chardonnay and other aromatic varieties, in Umbria we Clear, a new Montefalco rosso Riserva, and a passito di Sagrantino (who was born as a sweet wine), unique dessert wine of the Lunelli. In Tuscany, remain the two historic Fabiano labels».



«Lunelli Estates wants to continue to be a niche production, but gather all labels under the same name gives us a useful unity to tackle overseas markets. This project, says Matteo Lunelli – is consistent with our goal of setting up a group of drinking Italian excellence. Want to join the Ferrari Trentodoc reality that share the values and that allow us to tell a variety of territories which is the great wealth of Italian wine. Respect for the territory and attention to sustainability are values common to all our brands». The Lunelli Group includes, In addition to the estates and to Ferrari, a distillery, Segnana, a mineral water, Spring Warm, and a historic mark of Bisol Prosecco which, the last purchase of the Group.



(Since my article appeared in the Corriere del Trentino of 4 September 2014)






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