The wine cellar at sea

by Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The 16 July 2010, a team of divers discovered an extraordinary treasure just south of the archipelago of Åland, an autonomous region located between Sweden and Finland: among the remains of a ship, sunk almost two centuries ago, There were 168 bottles of Champagne. Forty-seven were created by Maison Clicquot and dated back to the years between 1839 and the 1841. Inside there was the sweet wine, that still retained some of the original – a fact amazing effervescence!


Fascinated by the possibility of having the nature as an ally, in the summer 2014 la Maison kicked off at profgetto "The Cellar In The Sea", 40 years of experimentation of aging with controlled variables. A selection of Yellow Label, Vintage Rosé 2004 and Demi-Sec was set near the wreckage found, 40 metres below the surface of the sea, where their evolution will be monitored by the chefs de Cave of Maison.

We are all curious to taste the results of this extraordinary experiment. Who knows when we will be able to make.

Veuve Clicquot will recover on a regular basis some of the wines immersed, by performing a series of comparative tastings with duplicates of the bottles in the cellars of Reims. In addition, some wine samples recovered will be sent to the University of Reims and Bordeaux Wine where they will be subjected to technical analysis, to understand and innovate the aging process of the wine.

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