Wine pill? The last provocation, from Russia with love

by Thursday, August 14, 2014

In Veuve Clicquot do not liked (read here), but the idea is worthy of being listed.

Tell the truth. At least once in their life have you ever want to have in your handbag or jacket pocket your favorite wine?! To me it happens, from time to time, because wine lists lately I can deliver instead of playing. They must have thought the same creative communications agency have Signed Russian invented — only in dreams of marketing of course — the effervescent tablet that, dissolved in water as an aspirin, comes to the rescue by creating a glass of your favourite wine. Creative Russians thought to champagne, using without authorization the Dowager more sparkling image of France, but in fact there might be a pill for every wine.

An aberrant idea but every now and then, in extreme cases, It could be a lifesaver for demanding wine lover?!



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