How important is the name of a wine?

by Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Even the pediatrician has recommended: «I recommend, Madam, the name of the child is important, It is true that influence personality…». So, the birth of Leonardo name James, my little one year gourmet, was even more troubled. But if the name is so important for people, If it is for the snacks of the Mulino Bianco and for cars, they spend millions in marketing surveys, Why should it not be also important for wine?

Beyond the brand, If you had to choose just for the name, would you rather drink a wine that is called (fancy names, Although the first, If you are looking for good, is there really in circulation, Unfortunately) Calcareous soils or Dune Mosse?

If then this is a méthode champenoise wine I believe the name has even more.

Many, too many good wines are penalized by horrible names, probably chosen by winemakers, Frank, they don't want filters and if they ignore marketing, wrong.

You but drank this Limestone Lands?
Let's Face It, This phrase can suffer it even an insiders, However surely being zero appeal. If I said to my mother would ask me what I drank I…

Has recently released a book interesting: "99 Bottles of Wine: The Making of Contemporary American Wine Label of David Schuemann CF agency Napa Valley. The author argues that “Some of our consumer research have shown that the same wine, poured from bottles with different labels, gives different results. Best is the tag, best wine taste seems within”. With tags graphics but also means, Of course, name of the wine with which the graphics merge.

On the other hand, the wine tasting (or good food) It is not only taste: about the sense of smell, touch, the view, even the sound. Not to mention the expectations, memories, experience, personal culture.

A brief account on a subject that you could talk for hours.

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