Franciacorta Foundation Is Born

by Friday, August 1, 2014

I receive and gladly public, happy new friend Adriano Baffelli stint (Here pictured with Gualtiero Marchesi in an evening Rotary).

Whose primary purpose is to promote and enhance the environment, the story, the art, culture and the typical products of Franciacorta, took its first official steps – with its Constitution in the study of the notary Cuscito Leonardo, with the help of the notary Mario Barfield of Brescia – the Franciacorta Foundation. The new reality is headquartered in Castle Oldofredi at Piazza della Libertà, in the heart of Paderno Franciacorta. THE Founding Partners Cultural Foundation of social utility are twenty, to whom then will the supporters and members of honor. Legal schema identified by the promoters is that of partnership Foundation, considered the best suited to achieving the ambitious goals that the project aims.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of: Adriano Baffelli, President; Claudio Ruggeri Vice-president; Monica Bariselli, Rocco di Torrepadula Giangiacomo Antonio and Vivenzi. Baffelli highlights the reasons that have motivated a group of professionals and entrepreneurs towards the road of direct commitment in favour of the territory: "The deep love for this land full of charm – explains the environmental President of Fondazione Franciacorta – rich in culture, history, of women and men and certain, embellished with a renowned wine production, emblem of the peculiarities of Franciacorta: elegance, class, personality, urges us to find innovative locations – continues Baffelli – in order to allow this new impetus and more claims for all stakeholders ".

The promoters of the initiative are intended to develop a cultural network based on existing realities, Recalling that the territory, the population, the culture, These are the three key elements for each development design. Says the President Baffelli: "By setting up this ' holding of ideas ' (copyright by Baffelli Editor's note) one of our main objectives is to contribute to transforming the Franciacorta in its entirety in a mark of national and international value, operating under the banner of the binomial Culture & Economy”.

The Vice-president Ruggeri and the Counselors, along with all the Founding Partners, show a willingness to help make your system, engaging and working with all the reality that for various reasons are operating on the territory. Intense work, that from next month will record public moments and far-reaching initiatives to make knowledgeable about the project. To convey around the same, energy and dynamism.


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