Back in September… And learn how to make beer

by Thursday, July 24, 2014

August is finally on the horizon and so much breathy holidays. During this time, I am always reminded of the mythical 1960s film, “Back in September”, do you remember?


Think of September now, before the holidays, It is a little’ How to see the autumn-winter collection when making out 35 degrees, But what you point out seems like a nice thing to book as soon as possible, If you are interested in.

Viridea Fabio rappo, in collaboration with Ferrari Group, offers starting on Saturday 20 September a series of meetings aimed at enthusiasts home brewers, Main article: the secrets of brewing housewife with special reference to "Partial Mash".

The lesson, lasting three hours, will be held by the amateur writer Flavio Pumpkin, that will explain in detail the basic steps and equipment necessary for the production of beer with "Partial Mash". This technique involves the use of different grains (barley, wheat, etc.) and this requires a series of sophisticated solutions for temperature control of ammostaggio, approaching "Allgrain" technique.

The expert will present during the meeting also different styles of beer, the names and the main differences.
Flavio Pumpkin will be also available to all present at the end of the lesson to answer questions and provide valuable tips and tricks.

Participants will be offered a special discount coupon 10%, valid for 15 days of the course, on all products related to brewing.

The course, a limited number, costs 15,00€ and takes place in a single lesson of 3 hours.

The seats are the most 15 for each lesson: to register you must contact the casse Viridea Garden Center interested, the previous day the course.

The meetings will be held with the schedule 14.30 at 17.30, According to the following calendar:

Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center In Eastern (MI): Saturday 20 September – tel. 02/95957301
Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center Settimo Torinese (TO): Saturday 27 September – tel. 011/8211488 Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center San Martino Siccomario (PV): Saturday 4 October – tel. 0382/496701 Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center Cusago (MI): Saturday 11 October – tel. 02/90390787
Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center Torri Di Quartesolo (VI): Saturday 18 October – tel. 0444/261301 Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center Collegno (TO): Saturday 25 October – tel. 011/4536401
Viridea Fabio Rappo Garden Center Rho (MI): Saturday 8 November – tel. 02/93208201


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