Say, do, Kiss… God save Madame Clicquot!

by Friday, July 18, 2014

Single in the city or at the beach with friends, to check if it is really true that latin lover are no longer those of once as the survey of Maxibon we mentioned a few days ago (I've missed? Read It HERE).

' But do you remember the birthday parties with the bottle game?», She tells me her friend single.

«As no, I was always the unlucky that nobody wanted to kiss…», answer me that single are not, but a little’ I do this for preparing.

I hated that game, but maybe now is no longer. Why view here (the picture above) that summer gadgets we unleash our Madame Clicquot, gayest widow or certainly more leg of the international wine scene (leggi whole story HERE).

A gadget of maison that seems made to mail for spin the bottle and bet on say-do-Kiss-letter-testament… You'll find a variety of aperitifs, 10 stages throughout Italy, to relive the playful and chic atmosphere of Saint-Tropez degli anni ' 60. To name a few, It starts Sunday 20 July by the Caparena of Taormina, the most famous meeting point of the city, on Thursday, 24 July to The modern Bistro Milano Santa, design and creative cuisine in the shade of the Lombardy building skyscraper, While Thursday, 31 July is the time of the marches, the Chalet del Mar di Fano, landmark marches movida. The tour will continue until September, to be always updated Facebook page Veuve Clicquot Italy MOI CLICQUOT will make tribute to Veuve Clicquot Rosé with custom settings, scenes from vintage flavor and fun gadgets bring in irresistible touch tour of the Maison de Champagne. God save Madame Clicquot because it gives us a cult wine style.

(I the straw bag I want at all costs!)






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