Latin Lover's Requiem?

by Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Distracted to the point of not noticing who's trying to Board has the boyfriend who is pointing as a vulture. Skinflint early moves, so much so that invites you to eat some ice cream and then gets alla romana or even pays you. So insecure from talked about investing stories that even sleeping in the Woods would believe. AND’ a disastrous portrait that emerges from a survey sponsored by Maxibon Motta (one of the most popular summer ice cream) Sociology of boarding and the profile of the Italian male 18 and the 30 years.

As a matter of fact, that something has changed I had already noticed some time, species in terms of the desire to get in the game, the taste of conquest. Today, It seems to me, No one has more willing to risk, But if you move you must make sure, a no would be a disappointment too for the giant ego scorching but with the shadow of the male child today. Of course, I don't do all the grass a bundle, but as I saw them…

Before you put your swimsuit and relax under the umbrella, We read a little’ what awaits us.


Other than Laurier and heirs-ambassadors of Latin flair. The girls rejected their peers in “boarding”. According to almost 7 young people on 10 (67%) is down the latin lover Italian. The reasons? Childish behaviors (34%), the build a character telling a lot of lies (26%) confidence and excess (22%) are the causes that lead girls to distrust from the classic "beach abbordatore". The most common failures? Do not realize that their "prey" is already committed (34%), set the discussion on speeches too complicated or boring (26%), propose to go to grab a gelato and forget to offer (21%).


This is what emerges from a study sponsored by Maxibon Motta on the occasion of the webseries "The Pool" ( = 9zewyCxUV00), with WOA methodology (Web Opinion Analysis) conducted on about 800 among Italian boys and girls between the ages of 18 and 30 years through an on-line monitoring on major social networks – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube – blog, community and forums, to verify what are the behaviors of the Italians at the beach.

Summer arrives. What do they think Italian boys just get nice weather? If you disconnect from the daily routine (82%) and go to the beach (76%) are the first thoughts that come to mind, shortly after we find make new acquaintances (70%) and "Board" girls not accompanied (65%). Summer, then, confirming the winning season for Italian males. What are the most common boarding techniques? The majority (48%) believes that the best way is to go about groups of two, a maximum of three women. Other strategically avoided the classic women's "beautiful and impossible" (35%) or groups in which there are also men (25%).

How to start your first approach? The majority (45%) acting instinctively, trying to exchange a few words with his "prey" without any particular strategies. Other (34%) are all physical impact, capturing the attention of single overseeing body and with winking eyes and smiles games. The more judicious (22%) prefer to attract with discretion, waiting for the first move by the fairer sex, as the only approach at a later time. What they are talking about? One on 3 (34%) try to understand immediately the interests in common. Other (25%) serve immediately challenging topics and use as bait culture, Maybe posing on the beach with a book that is very intellectual ". Some (21%) having presented a game like paddleball Beach, While only 16% not implementing any particular action and focuses on personality, without being overly Machiavellian or strategic.


But what do they think Italian girls latin lover Italians 2014? To hear them seems to have waned the macho Italian infallible. According to the 67% of young Italians, men on the beach are sent to the examination of seduction. The reasons? The majority (34%) Bara several men because they take nothing short of childish behaviors, while others loathe those who tell stories patently impossible and speak of him in a questionable (26%). A substantial proportion of women (22%) complaint instead the fact that men are too precipitous and too quickly to enter in confidence with their.


What are the so-called "gaffes by the beach" most common?The most classic (34%) is to not realize that the girl that you are aiming for is already committed. A real trouble, especially if your partner is just a few feet from her and she got to see the whole situation. Another clanger is to pretend intellectual forgery (26%): say that you have read and have a home library with all the masterpieces of classical literature and later do not know who is the author of "war and peace" means that actually you know very little literature. Other glaring gaffes is to invite a girl to take an ice cream at the kiosk near the beach and forget to offer (21%); the young take much to etiquette and the small gestures of kindness, especially at the beginning. But there are gaffes that are not always directly dependent upon "abbordatore"; According to a girl on 3 (34%), In fact, It is often the "shoulder", or the friend who tries to bring down every ambition to conquer, because often his clumsiness and inability to "match game" as friend.


But is it really so? What do you think?

Do, then, If we have to deal with these kinds of cascamorto-nerd? In addition to take comfort with a Maxibon, Let us make a Sundowner with friends, Maybe a Kir Royal did come dio comanda. The key ingredient, Besides a good bubble (strictly champagne), is the Crème de cassis (also called crème de cassis Cassis de Dijon or or Crème de cassis de Dijon) , a Liquor French obtained by maceration of black currant into alcohol by addingsugar syrup.

  • 9/10 of champagne
  • 1/10 of cream ribes nero (Crème de Cassis)
  • Mix, do not shake, come i cocktail di James Bond 😉



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