The word MOM is like a barrique

by Monday, June 23, 2014

What I'm about to say will horrify many and many of you. Whereby, If you are a traditionalist, of those who live with a single creed, i.e. “where there is MOM there is everything and the most beautiful thing in the world is the motherhood”, don't read this post.

I said in my head for more than 12 months but I wanted to wait, decant, hone, In short, be sure. The fact is that to me the word Mama like, but it makes me feel old. AND, It is clear, you're reading what he writes that he never had problems to state her age, nor that he ever heard of having a wrist clock of my boots. None of this. But every time I say to my son James Leonardo, “come from MOM, love”, It seems to me as if the games were doing serious all of a sudden.

I've always taken things seriously. All. The study, sport, the work, but, How to tell, my mind has always crossed this with a lightness and vitality to young girl. Work twelve hours a day and are always with a smile, even with Carlos, tensions, the mishaps. Leonardo does not make me sleep for a few days? I'm not angry, I'm not stressed out, I only sleep. Whenever I say “Mom”, Instead, I feel as if you were putting a little’ the brake: are MOM, I can't do shit. It is a psychological issue that I do not believe is reflected in my behavior.

Leo always smile, even when it falls, to try to make him understand that before you cry you can choose to laugh and look at life with a smile. Play as the crazies, we yell, We run. I don't feel very stiff, In short. But that word there, just, I do not feel well on.

It makes me feel like a wine barrel past. Good, eh, but it definitely made more austere, structured, important. Here's. For me the word MOM is like a barrique (and even the shape reminds me the appearance against which you struggle post pregnancy. 😉 ). It is not easy for those who feel one champagne.



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