Cocktails at Amaro del Capo

by Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Amaro del Capo is the product of distilleria symbol C and is prepared according to a traditional recipe from the herb infusion, aromatic fruits and roots growing in Calabria, region of South Italy. I love it.

For summer Amaro del Capo is also perfect as an ingredient in cocktails and drinks. Here are three ideas to try

Chief Tonic is a drink very easy to accomplish, that is built directly into the glass


Tall glass full of ice to drink

2,5 cl amaro del capo

Complete with root

Small piece of lime squeezed and dropped into the glass. Stir and garnish with orange slice.

Momo is a drink with spicy fruit, that expresses the taste and character of their land


2 cl Bitter Campari, 2 cl Amaro del Capo, stretch with 12 cl soda.
Garnish with a skewer of pineapple cubes, that was the chili pepper grated.
Pour into glass important.

Refresh your summer is a cool drink, perfect for hot summer nights


1/3 Vecchio Amaro del Capo, 1/3 Liquorice, 1/3 tonic water. Serve garnished with fresh mint.

Mocca Marzano is a drink made with San Marzano Elixir Banes


In the shaker

2,5 cl Borsci San Marzano

4 Pololux Dry cl Vodka

1 cl Kalua

1 Espresso

Shake with ice until it creates a foam and filter in a martini glass. Garnish with a little whipped cream and a coffee bean.


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