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by Monday, June 16, 2014

Was held in recent days in Reggio Emilia the 5th Concorso Enologico "Matilde di Canossa – Land of Lambrusco "enabled by the Ministero delle Politiche Agricole Alimentari e Forestali to issue distinctions. The rally was called by the Chamber of Commerce, industry, craft and Agriculture of Reggio Emilia with the patronage of Ministero delle politiche agricole alimentari e forestali, Regione Emilia Romagna, the province of Reggio Emilia, of the Chambers of Commerce of Mantua, Modena and Parma and the Enoteca Regionale dell'Emilia Romagna. The event was also made use of the collaboration of Assoenologi, that has taken responsibility for the technical and operational implementation of the selections, Ais and Emilia. They then contributed to the success of the Consortium for the protection and promotion of the wines Dop "Cheese" and "Colli di Scandiano e Canossa", the Consortium for the historic mark of Modenese Lambrusco, the Consortium Volontario per la Tutela Vini Colli di Parma Doc and the Consorzio Vini Mantovani.

The Contest was reserved for sparkling wines Doc and Igt wines and sparkling wines Doc (Classic and Charmat method) products with prevalence of Lambrusco grape for at least 85% of the following registered designations of origin (or Dop) and typical geographical indication (or Pgi): Colli di Parma Doc; Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa Doc; Modena Doc; Lambrusco di Sorbara Doc; Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro Doc; Lambrusco Mantovano Doc; Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce Doc; Reggiano Doc; Lambrusco Emilia Igt; Province of Mantova Lambrusco Wine; Quistello Lambrusco Wine; Sabbioneta Lambrusco Wine.

THEthe Contest aims to highlight the best Lambrusco wines, get to know consumers and operators, present to the public the different types of wines, and reward and stimulate the activity of wineries to the continuous improvement of quality of their products.


The samples entered in the competition were received at the Chamber of Commerce of Reggio Emilia, whose staff has provided catalogs; subsequently they have been anonymised by Attorney Louis Prosperini, then have been assessed using the method of evaluation "Union Internationale des Oenologues". Selection operations, divided into four sessions, you are officially open Thursday, 22 may 2014 at a meeting during which the event has been submitted.

On the same occasion we proceeded in the formation, drawing of lots, evaluation committees and assigning, always drawing of lots, wine groups.

The Commissioners, divided into five committees, each composed of six winemakers and sommeliers, evaluated in two days of work 201 samples submitted by 58 companies.

The end result of each sample participant at the fifth edition of the competition I know Enologico “Matilda of Canossa – Land of Lambrusco” was calculated do-while you delete the card with the highest and the lowest score, through the arithmetic mean of the 5 remaining cards.

For each of the denominations of origin and each geo-graphical indications provided for in article. 3 of regulation, are awarded ex-aequo, up to a maximum percentage of 40% submitted by allowed samples at the competition for each designation of origin and geographical indication, the wines have ot-held a score equal or superior to 80/100. Award-winning wines will be attributed to a diploma of merit and will be incorporated in the Guide “Land of Lambrusco 2014”. Altogether were selected 86 wines.

Of these 45 originate from the province of Reggio Emilia, 26 from the province of Modena, 7 the province of Mantua and 7 from Parma province more 1 the province of Ravenna.

Vini di Reggio Emilia e provincia

THE 45 reggiani wines were presented by 19 companies.

Ten selected wines from Wineries come together&Civ Sca (Campegine), 6 those of Emilia Wine Sca (Arceto di Scandiano), 4 those Wineries Lombardini Srl (Novellara) and Cà de ' Medici srl (Reggio Emilia), 3 for companies "Medici Ermete & Figli srl " (Reggio Emilia) Two towers and basement in Val d'enza Sca (Montecchio Emilia).

Two wines each for the company Donelli Vini Spa (Gattatico) and for the company "Franco Prati srl" (Scandiano).

A wine selected each for FerrarinI Spa (Reggio Emilia), Cantina sociale cent Massenzatico Sca (Reggio Emilia), Azienda agricola "Mello" by Paul Zukowski (Cavriago), Cantina sociale Masone Campogalliano Sca (Reggio Emilia), Cantina sociale di Gualtieri Sca (Gualtieri), Winery "Bertolani Alfredo srl" (Scandiano), Lini Orestes and Figli Spa (Correggio), Azienda agricola Reggiana of Ferrari and Chandrababu (Albinea), Casali Viticultori srl (Scandiano), Cantina sociale di San Martino in Rio (San Martino in Rio) and farm "Il Moro" by Rinaldini Paola (S. Ilario d'enza).

Wines from Modena e provincia

THE 26 local wines were presented by 12 companies.

Four of those coming from the Cantina sociale Formigine Pedemontana Sac (Corlo di Formigine) and the wine cellar Settecani Castelvetro Soc.Coop.Agr. (Castelvetro), 3 for the agricultural society "Valmiki Francesco" (Modena), for the agricultural company "Pezzuoli S.a." (Maranello) for the cellar of Carpi and Sorbara Sac (Carpi). Two for the company "Villa di Corlo" by m. Antonietta Munari&(C) sns (Baggiovara) and the winery of Santa Croce Sac (Carpi). Each wine selected for the farm Casalpriore (Campogalliano), for the company "Cashmore U. e Figli srl " (San Prospero S/s), for the "Stufanello" of Valencia, Giuseppe and Marco s.. (Castelvetro), for the "F.lli Carafoli" Cantina SOC. agric. s.. (Ravarino) and for the wine cellar of Divinija Bañas Denis (Sorbara).

Wines of Mantova province

Seven selected wines from 6 Province of Mantova and companies. Two out of Cantine Lebovitz Snc (Governolo) and one each from Wineries Virgili Luigi Srl (Mantova), Vinicola Negri Srl (San Giorgio), Azienda vitivinicola Bresciani of Bresciani Giovanna (Rivarolo Mantovano), Cantina sociale di Gonzaga Sac (Gonzaga) and Azienda agricola Montaldo (Mantova).

Wines from Parma and province

For the province of Parma were selected 7 which wines 2 for the company "Cantine Ceci Spa" (Torrile), for Monte delle Vigne Srl (Ozzano Taro) and for Ariola vineyards and Vini Srl (Pillar Calicella). A to azienda agricola "the courtyard" by Giovanni Dall'Asta (Langhirano).

Other provinces

A selected wine comes from Sca Caviro (Faenza).


During the two days of the competition Commissioners have compiled 1.407 evaluation boards, attributed 21.105 reviews and used 1.600 glasses.


The official proclamation of winners is scheduled for Friday, 27 June 2014 at 18 in the Hall of mirrors of the Teatro Valli di Reggio Emilia. As part of the ceremony, open to the public, tasting stalls will be set up and will be officially presented the "Terre di Lambrusco 2014" which will contain, translated into three languages for each of the winning wines, a dedicated page.


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